Grace…The Common Man’s Life Support

I normally don’t do “spiritual” posts on here but my Jesus has been working in my heart and I feel led to share it with y’all.

When seeking spiritual healing from bad situations I’m learning one of the keys is grace, giving it and accepting it. Forgiveness is up there too but I want to talk about my buddy, Grace.

Sometimes bad things happen or bad choices are made and you can spend your whole life regretting things and wishing you could turn back time. That is definitely an option, but it’s not one that will lead to peace or happyness.

Grace means to get something you do not deserve, Unmerited favor. Forgiveness is definitely something that requires grace because rarely does someone deserve forgiveness. I know that I don’t deserve it.

But God gives it to us anyway and He wants us to give it to others. Why? It’s not because it will make others feel better, although that is a benefit, but because it frees you. To be happy, To laugh again, To be free from the crushing weight of guilt, and anger.

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” -Heb. 4:16

God gives us grace to help us get through this life. For me, giving out forgiveness isn’t something I particularly struggle with, It’s thereceiving that’s hard. But God wants us to accept forgiveness just as much as we give it out. If we are being held back by shame, or guilt, then we’re unable to love and minister to others. You never know when someone needs a helping hand, and I know it helps to hear I’mnot the only one who struggles in certain areas. We are not alone in this life. God has given us Christians each other to lean on, to encourage, to love, and to pray for.

Move on from whatever bad things lie in your past, and move forward. Learn from every situation and grow. It’s what makes us who we are. :o)



Please, have a seat…

This project was soooo cheap! It cost me….*drumroll please*…..$0! woo!!

One day at work, a gentleman comes by and says he has to empty out a house that’s being foreclosed and it’s all going to the dump so if we wanted some of it we could help ourselves. And my boss being the ah-mazing person that she is, let us take a break to check it out.

I scored quite a bit for myself, my mama and my church. But the best was these chairs, solid black, nice chairs.

I gave one to a friend, my mama kept two, and I kept one to myself.

First I laid some of my spray paintin lace down and sprayed it lightly with some leftover blue I had.

I found the flower online, printed it out and spent hours with a razor cutting it out. A bit of leftover spray paint and BAM! done.

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, I have been sooo busy lately that I  haven’t had time to even think about doing projects.

😦 I only have a couple left to share with you, then I’m going to have to find time or my blog will starve for attention.

My current fetish is pearls, and peacock feathers… I’m trying to come up with a project to combine these two things together. Maybe this next time I will have time to do a project…..

P.s. I went to Starbucks last week and of course grabbed their free music downloads. This was one of them. At first
I was like “Lady Antebellum” I love them, but I checked out the lyrics to this song SO BEAUTIFUL. It’s talking about waiting because the person you’re with could be the person you end up with for the rest of your life, and wanting to start it off right. I love it!

So I decided to share it with you!

Till Next Time, Bobo

Precious Memories… How They Linger..

“Precious memories, unseen angels, Sent from somewhere to my soul.
How they linger ever near me, And the sacred past unfolds.

Precious memories how they linger, How they ever flood my soul.
In the stillness of the midnight. Precious sacred scenes unfold.

In the stillness of the midnight, Echoes from the past I hear.
Old time singing, gladness ringing, From that lovely land somewhere.”  – Old Hymn

This has nothing to do with this project except it’s about memories! I just love this hymn and wanted to share it with y’all!

Moving right along to this project…..I made this because I’m one of those people who saves their ticket stubs. 😉

I love having a physical reminder of the special events I made in my life, Same goes for loving comments, I have a frame of sweet messages people have written me thru the years….in fact I’m jumping up to snap a picture to add to this post!

I finally decided on a way to display them, using a basic canvas I picked up at my local Michael’s, as always I had a 40% off coupon (I never leave my house without one!) and then I found a very little bit of  super glue works best to secure them to the canvas.

This was a trial and error process. First I tried Modge Podge, that erased the ink of the ticket stubs. Then I tried Hot Glue, that burned the ticket for my tour of the statue of liberty. Finally I settled on Super Glue. 🙂

I think it’s important to treasure all the special times I have with friends, so that if I’m feeling down one day I can look at the things around me and be reminded that I am loved by so many on this Earth.

But more importantly I have a daily devo journal, that is my constant reminder that I am loved so much MORE by one NOT on this Earth. My Savior, Jesus, loves me more than anyone else, and sometimes many times I forget that.  Guess what? He loves you too. ❤

I’m afraid, very afraid….

So tonight I come home from a long day at work, change into my sweats then get settled to work on some craft prep for work this next week…suddenly some icky creepy foreboding music starts playing and I’m the clueless lead female heading to my fate….I step into to the bathroom to wash a paintbrush and BAM!!! 

This is in my sink!  Needless to say I leapt back like 5 feet.…then as the very brave and very stupid lead female I stepped back into the bathroom to attempt to solve this problem by myself. Once safely jarred I set to work to id this bad boy…or as it turns out…girl…My daddy is going to get it professionally identified tomorrow but this is exactly what it looks like. What is this you ask?

It’s a female Brown Recluse…let’s repeat it one more time..  BROWN RECLUSE. Ick, just typing it is giving me the creeps. Wait, you don’t understand why I’m so afraid? You don’t know what these nasty little arachnid’s are capable of?

They bite you and their poison eats away at your flesh, literally. Don’t believe me. Here’s the least gruesome picture….

Yeah if you google brown recluse bites, most of the pictures make you want to throw up. So I’m sure you can understand why I’m freaking out right now. I literally feel like my skin is crawling…oh my goodness I’m not sure if I can sleep tonight. I wish I had a bug bomb, I would sleep with it like it’s my teddy bear.

Please pray that I survive the night without being eaten alive by scary monster spiders…p.s. This video is how I’ve always secretly feared I was going to die. So I thought this might be a slightly funny closing to this post. Till Next Time, Bobo

Skip to 6:50, that’s the specific scene that I’m referring to…

Inspirational “Plate”titudes :)

Haha!! I crack myself up! seriously though, not only is this post title funny it’s also very accurate….at least i think so 🙂

My idea for these plates is to incorporate inspirational sayings, Scriptures, and other qoutes that can inspire my soul to greater things on a daily basis. I plan on hanging these in my dining room so that as I’m eating my morning Wheaties I’m getting my daily dose of vitamins!

sooooo cheesy sounding…I am ashamed of myself but honestly I can’t think of another way to describe why I decided to make these plates, well write on them….It was super easy. I just found some pretty plates at goodwill, took out my handy-dandy sharpie and set to work…

very quickly I was finished and happy with the final product. 🙂 This post is short but full of pictures and a picture is worth a thousand words so this is my longest post ever!

Till Next Time, Bobo

Perfectly Sheer Room Dividers

Fall is in the air!!

It’s time for hot drinks and cozy scarves, for color everywhere and simply to slow down and enjoy life. I LOVE fall, and I love that Fall ushers us into the holiday season! I can’t wait to show you guys all the cute winter projects I have been working on.

Onto this weeks project…..

I just adore how this turned out! I will be using these sheers to divide my (future) living room and dining room.

My vision for these is 1.To blend in with my overall theme of earthy gardeny natural. 2.To have a division of the space so my house feels cozier but also not cut it off. plus i can open it up anytime I want. Pretty great, right?

I picked up these sheers at Kohl’s on one of their awesome super sales with Kohl’s cash, it was $20 for the pair. Then I had bought the petals at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon so they were less than 10. I already had pearls and sparkles so that was the extent of my cost.

I coffee stained the petals and the sheers to start so they wouldn’t be a harsh white. Then I hot glued petals to both sides, and added a few petals, pearls, and sparkles all over. I am so happy with the outcome. I can’t wait to have them hanging in my pretty house someday.

I really enjoyed this project and actually didn’t get too many burns doing it! haha It’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve done so far.

On a personal note, I broke my tooth last week and had a root canal/crown done. NOT FUN. Today was such a long day at work, I’ve just wanted to go to bed since I got up this morning. I definitely will be taking it easy tomorrow and spend all day saturday in bed.

Till Next Time, Bobo

Devilishly Divine Dresser

No there is nothing devilish about this dresser, and very little that could be considered even slightly divine. I simply enjoy alliteration.

Big word, I KNOW. I actually had to google it to make sure I was using the right word. Yup, I’m right. And just for your own knowledge here’s what my dear friend at Mr.Dictionary had to say about this…..

” the commencement of two or more words of a word group with the same letter, as in apt alliteration’s artful aid.”

ANYWAY….This project was a bit time-consuming and I actually brought in backup at one point.

I found this dresser at a yard sale, covered in skateboarder stickers, for only $10! He was short and wide and instantly I fell in love, his name is Robby.

I cleaned him up, sanded him down and bought 3 cans of some teal blue spray paint. One Saturday afternoon later and he was a new man, but he definitely was a little plain.
I wasn’t sure what to do next on the outside so I moved to the inside. I lined each drawer with some pretty green fabrics, it makes it cheery each morning when I grab my jeans 🙂

My Brother sang a special “I’ll Fly Away” and I was inspired to add these beautiful inspirational lyrics to my everyday life.

So I took painted on the lyrics, and this is where i brought in the backup, My sister Melissa drew the birdcage and the bird for me. 🙂 sooo pretty! thanks again Melissa!

I added some spirals, a couple of coats of Verathane and voila! A gorgeous new dresser!

Super fun and Super pretty!

Till Next Time, Bobo